You read my TOS and saw my hourly rate, but that probably doesn’t help you figure out how much your project idea will run you. Below, I’ve come up with some sample projects to get you, roughly, in the ballpark.

Please keep in mind that, at my discretion, your project may cost more or less based on the subject or whether you’re asking for time-consuming details, etc. The below are meant to be estimates.

To start, let’s get into what I will and won’t draw.

I Will Draw…

  • Almost any fantasy or mythological creature
  • Almost any animal
  • Anthro / furry characters
  • Humans / humanoids
  • Blood, injury, or similar body fluids
  • Limited / tasteful nudity

I Will Not Draw…

  • Explicit or sexual themes
  • Extreme complexity / “realism”
  • Discriminatory themes
  • Machinery, vehicles, and urban settings
  • Material that is copyrighted

Simple Full-body Character


One posed, full-body character, expected to take 2 to 3 hours.

Hours and cost can be dropped by drawing less than the full body, such as bust or portrait.

Small color pallete, basic shading, no time-consuming detail work.

Small image size, at a dpi suitable for printing.

Background: none, white, or 1 color.

Character Bust

sample dragon head bust artwork


Full illustration of a character’s head; may include neck and shoulders. Expected to take around 3 hours.

Background: none, white, 1 color, or simple color (shapes, gradient, etc).

Add an illustrated background, and expect a minimum of $80.

Full-body Illustration

Sample full-body dragon character illustration


This is most often what I create when I draw for myself.

Full illustration of a posed character, expected to take around 6 hours.

Simple background – single color, shapes, gradients, etc.

Full-body Character and Background Illustration

Sample full-body dragon illustration with background.


Full illustration of a posed character, complete with background, expected to take around 10 hours.

Character Design / Reference Sheet

Sample dragon character ref sheet


Pictured above is a fairly simplistic ref sheet; most of Lumina’s extra details are laid out in text-only, without extra drawings. You may wish to have more close-up drawings of your character’s noteworthy body parts, like the claws or head.

There are potentially many, many working parts to a reference or design sheet, so it’s impossible to say how much yours will cost. They also, of course, take a lot of time. If I’m already working on one, or are otherwise busy, you may have quite a wait on your hands.

And Remember…

If I go over time on your project and it’s my fault, not yours, your cost doesn’t change. Once we’ve discussed your project, you’ve been billed, and I’ve begun work, that bill is final.

For any other questions regarding my TOS or promises, review here.

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