Nothing is worse than when you, as a client, have mismatched expectations or experience inadequate communication with an artist or freelancer. Typically, this scenario ends in a bad project, and a bad experience for both individuals. That’s what this page is for – to ensure you and I are on the same wavelength before we start discussing project details and get to work.

Client Agreements

Prior to commissioning any work, you as a client are expected to overview these terms. When you contact me about a project, we will review the terms and only move forward if you agree to them.

Breaking any terms within the agreement will result in a permanent blacklisting, excluding you from commissioning any future artwork from me.

Please respect these terms, and myself as an artist.

Billing Structure

Rate: $20 / hour

After discussing your project and agreeing to begin work, I determine how many hours it should take me to finish the project, and charge a flat rate based on those hours.

This rate does not include shipping costs, and that total, whatever method you choose, will be added to the flat rate above.

If you ask for non-standard or expensive paper or material for the art to be printed on, or an exceptional size for the work, additional cost may be added.

All payments go through PayPal. All forms of payment are handled in United States Dollar (USD).

Want an idea of what your project might cost? I can help you with that here!


Artwork begins only after payment, and once I have started on the commission in any form, no refund can be requested.

My time is limited and valuable, and time spent on big projects like this is time I can’t get back. Please make sure you are committed to the project, the time it will take, and how much it will cost before you go through with your commission.

You will be notified once I have begun work via email.


Financing is available through PayPal Credit for clients in the U.S.

My invoices come via email, and there will be a banner ad offering PayPal Credit in that email, letting you finance your project if you wish. They offer 0% interest on purchases of $99+ for the first 6 months. Otherwise, it operates like any other credit card, and you may wish to use your own instead.

Commercial Use of My Work is Prohibited

Unless we discuss it and come to an agreement beforehand.

I am an artist working exclusively for clients looking for non-commercial art for their own personal use. I will not tolerate commercialization; at best you’ll be blacklisted, and at worst I will resort to legal action.

Hours & Scheduling

I will do my best to get your art done in a timely manner, within one or two weeks.

As previously stated, I have limited time to work on large projects, like commissions. Expect me to have up to 20 hours each week to work, with a majority of those hours concentrated in the weekend.

Why so specific? 20-30 hours is generally expected of part time workers, so it seems a fair amount for me to schedule around my other full time job.

Need Your Project by a Specific Date?

Give me at least a couple weeks’ notice.

I get it. A holiday or birthday is coming up, or maybe you need your art done sooner for another important reason. It happens. However, I don’t make my artwork for a living (yet), and so my time is limited. I’m not the best choice, or even an option at all, if you need your work done on short notice. That said, if you give me a couple weeks’ notice, that should give me plenty of time to work with you.

Rushing Your Project

Don’t do it.

If you attempt to rush your commission, it will only end in frustration for both of us. don’t plan to make art that’s anything less than the best I can do, and I don’t have a lot of time to play with, so if you need it fast as well… I’m not your artist.

Progression Checks

You, as a client, are entitled to ask for progression checks in moderation.

Feel free to ask me how the project is going at any time. Just be mindful of how much time I have to set aside for these projects.

If you know you would like progression checks in advance, I recommend asking me to send you the stages of the project. These include the sketch, line art, flat colors, etc. through the whole process. They provide easy markers to show you how the project is progressing, rather than you checking in at random.

Changes & Edits

You are allowed to ask for changes during the sketch stage. Changes at this point are usually free, but I may determine that they should incur additional cost if they’re complex or time-consuming.

Plan on providing references that are as clean and crisp as possible as we discuss your project. This will help me understand better what you’re looking for and minimize hiccups down the road.

If you really need me to make changes outside of the sketch stage, those edits will come at additional cost at my determination and discretion.

Absoltuely No Speculative Work

I will not work for free in hopes of impressing you into hiring or commissioning me “for real”.

If you have yet to be sufficiently impressed into asking me to draw you something personally, take a look at my gallery to get a feel for my style(s). If that doesn’t work – nothing will. Every artist has their own style, and mine is apparently not to your liking. That’s perfectly okay.

Digital Work

Typically, I make art with the assumption that it will be printed for you. If you need the digital file, there are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Once more, commercial usage of my work in any way is prohibited, unless discussed and agreed upon beforehand.
  2. Do not edit my artwork in any way, shape, or form unless you’re merely cropping it for use as an icon, wallpaper, etc.
    1. Do not modify the colors, lines, or any other part of the work itself.
    2. Remember to crop the 72dpi version for online use.
  3. If you post the work anywhere online:
    1. Make sure to use the 72dpi version, as that one was optimized for online use and load times.
    2. Credit me – the bare minimum I expect is a link to my site.

For reference, the printing company I use is here.

Unforeseen or Sudden Termination of Project by Me

Rest assured, if for any reason I need to cancel a project, even after it has begun, you will be notified and receive a full refund.

I don’t plan on this ever happening, but life doesn’t care about plans, so this section is here just in case Lady Luck rolls some bad dice for me.

Ownership Rights

Copyright on the artwork remains mine. To reiterate:

Do not use my artwork commercially in any way, shape, or form.

If you post my work online, credit me with at least a link to my site or one of my social networks.

Do not make edits to the color, line work, structure, or any part of the artwork itself. Do not PhotoShop the artwork. Do not attempt to remove my signature.

You may crop images you take or receive for wallpaper, avatar, or icon use.

My Promises

I will always strive to make the best artwork I can, delivering the quality you deserve as a paying client, and I deserve as a self-respecting artist.

Any setbacks that occur during the project that prevent me from working will always be brought to your attention as soon as possible if I reasonably believe it will prolong your waittime.

If a situation like that arises and makes you feel uncomfortable, and I haven’t begun work on your commission, you are entitled to a full refund upon request.

I appreciate and value your patience, and your respect for myself as well as my work.

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